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​Working with Ascended Masters & Angels for over 30 years.

Transformative Bodyworker over 35 years


I feel deep and profound gratefulness and appreciation

working with The Divine Light Beings. 

Blessings and miracles are a constant reminder of who I am.

My life is my greatest masterpiece, ever changing and evolving.  

My  joy and service is to help you connect to the Spiritual World.  

 Ascended Masters, Archangels and Beings of Light always orchestrate

the sessions and workshops...

Learning The Art Of Spiritual Purification,

you will find your way to your authentic connected self...  

remembering you are a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience…

This lifetime has prepared me for this powerful work.  


It has not been an easy life, but this journey is for the most courageous and passionate…

Spiritual Purification changed and evolved my Body, Mind and Spirit.  Through my living connection with Spirit, I have developed a deep understanding of the process of transformation, with which I help guide others.. 


My energetic system has been developing over this lifetime, and I am present with the transformative energies that the Angels Of Light and other Light Beings work with.
I work as an empath, and will be honored to help you release blocks and toxins which is in the way of your evolution. I have been called a medical intuitive, healer, psychic, seer, empath, shaman, and medium.


But, whatever I am… this is my choice,

to help others become more fully expressed;

connected vessels of light and love.





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