Adults' Testimonials 

“Dear Alley Thank you for your healing energy and your incredible hands. You have helped me to reach a different plane in my life. I shall never forget today and the time we spent together.”

“My session with Alley was most interesting. I sought her help because I was having physical problems with digestion, stress and tightness in the center part of the body. I was somewhat skeptical when she started working on the environment (my home), instead of on me but as she cleared the energy surrounding me I could feel my body relax and release all the stress. Before she was finished I felt light and full of energy again . . . and it was even better the next morning when I woke up. It’s been several days now and the energy both within and around me in the environment is still clear and bright. I haven’t had any physical problems since and my body feels wonderful. I would highly recommend her and the energy work that she does.”

John Joseph Astrologer- Denver, CO


“Alley Brook has an amazing gift for the service she performs.  Before I had my first session with her, I had no idea what it was or what to expect.  I was very happy with the results, and with her knowledge, wisdom, and insight. The questions she asked me helped us to get to problem areas, and the work she did on those places in my body that needed healing in some way brought about immediate relief.  In doing some abdominal work, I actually lost weight in that area as a result of her assistance to rid me of obstructions I hadn’t been aware of.  I have since had another session, and it was even more helpful than the first.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to healing bodywork."

Julie Roghair- Littleton, CO


“I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Alley.  Her work is very unique & remarkable.  I feel much calmer, connected to spirit & angels afterwards. My experience of this work has been very transformational in words that are hard to describe, but I can feel very strongly a postive change, more balanced and a shift forwards after each session. I would highly recommend that you experience her powerful energy work.” Thanks Alley, look forward to our next session,"

Patricia- Northern California


 “I had been feeling very upset over a long time friendship that came to an end. Alley kept telling me she could help me find some peace and stop obsessively thinking about what happened, what was said and not said etc. So, I tried a session out of desperation as therapy wasn't helping. During it, I felt very relaxed and more connected to my body. My body felt like it was in sync with my mind. I wasn't dragging it around with me. I was comfortable in my own skin. I slept well that night with no pills. The next day around dinner time there was a major energy shift where I was able to stop my obsessive thinking about my friend and focus that energy back to myself.. What a relief!”

Lisa, New York City


“Alley Brook has a gift. What she does is very special and hard to explain. It defies logic _ yet she produces results. I approached my sessions with initial skepticism but was surprised when she delivered as promised. Almost immediately, I felt more at ease and relaxed. A session is a fun and sharing process where through her amazing gifts you emerge feeling refreshed, focused and energized. Working with Alley is like a bath for the soul”

Sara – New York City


“It was during my first session with Alley that she picked up on my problem with my left ovary. I had been experiencing ovarian pain which was getting increasingly more painful over the last 20 years. My gynecologist had been unable to help or diagnose the problem. In our phone session Alley asked me to massage the area while the angels worked on it. Since that session I have experienced only a mild tension in my ovary and no pain at all. After 20 years this is a great relief.”

Linda – Denver, CO



“In June 2010 I met Alley for the first time at Whole Foods were she was giving chair massages. After the massage, I scheduled an appointment at her home for an 1 1/2 hour massage. Approximately 20 minutes into the massage Alley stated that their was a young man in the room and did I want to pursue further contact with him. I said yes and she stated he was in a lot of head pain and had not crossed over yet. I knew that she was speaking of my son who had died 6 years earlier by suicide. I asked her to please help, which she did. It did take her several minutes of communication with him and the angels to get him to calm down and not be so afraid and look to the light. Alley stated that it would take time for him to actually cross and that if he needed help Alley would assist. Also, at this same time she stated there was another young man in the room that was not nice and had no intentions of crossing and just wanted to hang on to me. I knew that was my ex-husband that had died in 1978 at 29. I again ask her to help him to crossover and give me peace. It again took some time to get him to release his hostility and let the angels help him, which they eventually did. To make a long story short, I have for many years been overwhelmed with a sense of grief to the point I could hardly breath. The feelings would usually last a couple of hours and I would just cry in pain. Since the time I spent with Alley 8 months ago this terrible feeling of grief has not returned. Her help was a blessing for me and my family, alive and dead. “ Janine- CO



"My stomach was so bloated I looked as if I was at least 6 months pregnant.  After taking very strong antibiotics for 10 days prior, which was supposed to cure my ailment and discomfort I was still so bloated I couldn't fasten my pants.  My doctor told me the next step was for me to have a nuclear medicine test which involved eating food ladden with nuclear toxins.  Then put a giger counter on my belly to see how quickly the food passed through.  Every time I was to take the test, I got cold feet and would reschedule.  Finally a friend suggested I call this wonderful woman, Alley, so I did.  During the session we were on the phone when she saw things and knew things that I never told her about.  The conversation was wonderful!  I had suffered with bloating which caused back pain. loss of appetite for 6 months.  After the session my stomach is back to normal... I am healed!  Thank you Alley and The Angels of Light!"  
Forever Greatful, Brenda K- Mandan ND
It is hard for me to express in words the spiritual awakening and transformation that me, my husband, and my children have experienced since working with Alley. I pray for everyone on earth to have access to this kind of deep spiritual healing that Alley helps guide us through. She has a very special gift to share with those of us who are blessed to work with her. I did not understand anything about spiritual purification before I started working with Alley and opening myself up to God and the Angels. The healing and spiritual growth that I have undergone in the last 6 months is absolutely the most profound truth that I have ever experienced in this life. I was totally blind and Alley has helped guide me through the beautiful yet tough process of opening up to God, the Angels, and all spiritual guides, and healing on the deepest levels. I thank God for Angels to be here with us, and for the human guides who can connect those of us who need help healing and awakening.
Thank you so much Alley.  
Angie- Bismarck ND 
"After just one session, I feel like a different person. When it comes to food, eating or anything like that, I feel more aware, more conscious of how full I am or when to stop eating, what to eat, what not to eat. I don't desire sweets, I can tell when salt and sugar are in my system. I feel it. Something inside me is saying," Nicci, don't eat that, you need to stop eating, you have had enough, this will make you sick, put the fork down. " All kinds of things to this nature. This is helping me realize how I was using food as a coping mechanism.. I don't feel the urge to eat all the time. I feel a little more active and the sense of impending doom and anxiety has left me. I feel a lot of love, understanding, calmness, happiness, tolerance. I see love in my eyes when I look in the mirror. I see a different person.  It is a wonderful feeling. I can't wait to do it more! Alley, thank you so much!" 
Nicci,  North Dakota
"I'm very grateful I met Alley. I am very excited about the workshop. Alley is something else. I love doing sessions with her. I'm a new woman. I always have believed in angels, now I am learning to communicate with them. How amazing...!
Faithe, Fargo, ND


Hello Alley 
I'm fine, just a little nervous about the auditions ( thursday - keep you fingers crossed, please!) and also..I feel like I lost this very strong connection I had with my beings, my angels and that makes me feel a little anxious...I can still feel them though :) I just cannot see them, they don't appear in front of me...and I don't know how to make them do that.

I also did something significant - I healed my boyfriends back which harassed him recently :) he even moves differently now... :)Once again I'd like to say that it was so wonderful to meet you and I hope to stay in touch with you for a long time. Can't wait for next year's session! ;)I hope to write about lots of great news pretty soon.  Hugs, kisses and best wishes, 


Monika Ł- Poland




Hi Alley!

It's official, I got the MAIN ROLE in G.F.Haendel's "Rodelinda"!!! and also - we're going to perform next fall(sept/oct 2015) so if you come back(hopefully) for the second workshop in Warsaw during this time it will be my greatest pleasure and honor to invite you! 


Thank you for the strenght and hope you gave me :)

There's so much work to do...I'm so excited!!!!!






Thank you all my electronics went wild when we disconnected from our phone session.  Thank you for the purification guidance and the lovely assistance... your friend. 

In love and light,

Hello Alley, Happy Solstice!


Hope the holiday season is going well for you!  Things have been interesting as of late.  I've been called to do additional sessions for people and they have been very powerful sessions.  Yesterday I had a clock in the next room crash and break to smitherines during a very emotional session with a client.  I'm starting to "hear" more and relay messages that they are supposed to hear.  

I was clearing and detoxing for many days following our session.  I think I spooked my massage therapist because I could hardly function after a 45 minute massage.  

A friend of mine and I had an interesting  conversation we were arguing about me needing to take a day off from work to do some healing, this woman and I have never argued.  We went back and forth and I almost turned into a whiny child.  The next morning I woke up and heard loud and clear I needed to call in for the day, so as I was sending the email I got a text from her at 6am.  She informed me that she didn't remember our conversation but the words were not hers but she again told me not to go to the office.  After finishing my adult duties, I crawled into bed and began a session with divivne breath and was almost immedately knocked out until 10am.  That day was full of self nurturing which was really quite lovely.  

I have been moving more and finding ways to have good things prepared for me.  My energy is slowly increasing and have lost about 10 pounds.  Things just seem to fall in place more easily at work and in my practice.  

I feel the angels, asended masters and spirit guides are with me and guiding.  Their messages are easier to hear now than ever before. The last week or so I've had some "downloading" occuring and am trying to process that.  Technology has been interesting as well, several days w/o texting then a flash of 4 days at one time or other goofy things happening.  I fully believe it is to help me honor a space for whatever healing, nurturing and clearing needs to be accomplished.  

My self sessions haven't been as powerful this past week, but I'm hoping towards the end of January I'll be able to do a few more sessions to push (clear) through the next level.  

In love and light,


Through the personal sessions and workshops with Alley I have begun to develop a more nurturing relationship with myself, others, and the spiritual world. It is hard to put into words the changes that have occurred, but through these experiences I am finally beginning to unthaw, feel love, and become more open to the possibilities that exist for us all if we are willing.  I have noticed positive changes in the way I interact to people who usually frustrate me and in turn how things have subtly changed with how they have communicated with me in turn.  It wasn’t something I was conscious of until after the interactions. It stopped my mind when I realized “Hey that was totally different from what normally happens”. It’s not something that can be forced but it happens through doing the work from the inside.

A.L.- Bismarck


Hello, Alley!! I am so excited about the upcoming workshops in Bismarck. I hope I am able to make it to them both. Here is my testimonial from our last series of sessions together.

"Ever since I was in high school I have had occasional sharp pains in my lower abdomen- always on the left side. Over the few weeks leading up to my last session with Alley, the pain had grown worse and more constant to the point that I had been to see a medical doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor sent me in for an ultrasound, the results of which were that my bowel was wrapped around my ovary and nothing could be done short of surgery because it was "just the way [my] body [was] designed." In session with Alley, we were able to learn from the Angels that this was the physical manifestation of my masculine energy essentially "strangling" my femininity. This was the result of many many lifetimes in which my feminine power and voice had been SILENCED with brute force. During this session, my spiritual child (who I have been able to see since beginning to work with Alley but never been able to hear before) began SCREAMING. As my spiritual child found her voice and began expressing generations and lifetimes worth of rage, grief, anger, bitterness, anguish, sadness and frustration, I could see and feel the portion of my bowel which was wrapped around the ovary loosen. We continued this purification and the bowel continued to relax, allowing the blood from my heart to flow directly into the ovarian tissue for the first time in many months. Finally, the child was spent. After a brief moment of stillness, the Archangel Raphael appeared to me, and I suddenly remembered that this experience had been prophesied to me several years before. The Archangel Raphael reached his hand inside my body and unwound the coil of intestine from the neck of my left ovary.  He then proceeded to pull the bowel away from the damaged organ, re-forming and re-arranging all of my internal organs so as not to allow the bowel to attack the ovary again.  I have always known that Divine Interventions are real, but I never really imagined I would experience one in this lifetime. Many blessings of love and gratitude to Alley for being brave enough to share her gifts with the world, so that we all can receive opportunities to connect with Angels, Beings of Light, Ascended Masters and our own Higher Guidance!! :D"

Jan 17, 1979  - the day my mother passed away 

Jan. 17, 2017 I was in session with Alley and the Angels.  I have currently have pleurisy, an inflammation of the pleura of the lung.  In Jan. 1979, my mom was sick and in a hospital and had to have what is called a pleural effusion. The surgery went very wrong and was very painful.  She was in excruciating pain afterwards. 

During my session with Alley said my mom was there and in a lot of pain, screaming.  I too was in pain..  She was telling me my mom said to let it go.  It wasn’t mine to take on. As the session progressed, because of my guilt while watching my moom suffer, I realized I had taken on my moms situation.  I started crying,  I felt guilty about how my mom was treated and what lead to her death.   All of a sudden, I asked Alley what the date was and she told me Jan. 17th.  It was the same day of her death 38 years ago!  

As I was worked on by the Angles so was my mom and she was feeling better, I could feel her softening as I was softening.  I was told she was no longer in pain.  I was relieved and happy.   Maybe now she will rest in peace. And as I let go of the guilt, my pain lessened  and I could breathe deeper.  My mom began to fade and I said I love you.   

We ended our session at 11 PM, the same time my mother passed away in 1979. 


Thanks Alley for helping my mom  and me.

This is the second time my mom has appeared to help me, and always on Jan. 17th. 



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