The Art Of Spiritual Purification

Spiritual Support For Adults

Our journey to connection...

is our most important purpose...

Spiritual Purification is the art of multi dimensional

downloading and clearing everything in the way

of a clear connection to the Spiritual World.


It is the journey back to our authentic self.  

Anything not of truth is revealed and unravels.

We experience deeper understandings and resolutions 

transforming us, as we move into clarity and health.


The Great Illusion:

When we are born into the world, we come from a higher vibration and connectedness.  

Our Spiritual Senses are still awake and people just love to smell us and hold us. 


Then our teeth develop, our brain matures and we become more fascinated with the physical, exploring the world as we start to forget our spiritual home.

Our parents, friends, tv, environment, educational system and man made rules reenforcing the illusions and lies. 


But we love the strokes and our ego flourishes.

We become accepted and successful in this physical world.  

We are bombarded with negativity, confusion, heredity, toxins, past lives & other interference.

Our disconnection becomes wider, our thymus (joy) becomes smaller, inactive, twisted and contorted...

As we lose our connection to spirit, we grow depressed, confused, old and brittle.  We medicate becoming more distant from our nature.

Then we have families, and we parent.... and the cycle continues.....

.....Until in a divine moment of remembering.... something stirs.....

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