Are Blood Sucking Vampires Real?
Is Nosferatu Out There Waiting For You?

Yes, Not Only Are They Real, It Is An Epidemic! Not quite like a Hollywood scenario, but symbolically accurate.  Have you ever wanted something from someone, example: love or acceptance from a parent who is unable to give it?  Each of us carry unfulfilled needs throughout our life….  We become needy with our starving, malnourished and unfulfilled selves.  So, to survive, we do something that is called “Cording” with others…  We cord with people, things, animals, places, etc…  The cords are literally, a cord reaching out from the predator to the object of interest (cords look like umbilical cords), This cord flows like blood, connecting the prey to predator with the energy moving from one, the prey or victim, into the other, the predator or feeder….  We create contracts and issues and the cording begins…  We are so corded up; we can’t see straight.  Then, relationships, desires and emotions become needy and tangled…  Cords can connect to any part of our bodies from head to toe from front to back…  If we are fed upon, our life force slowly drains… we becoming week, frightened, tired and and more needy, while making the feeder stronger…  If we are feeding the opposite occurs…   Of course, since this happens in the Spiritual realm, invisible to our two physical eyes, most of us are unaware.  This phenomenon also attracts people and situations to us, some situations, which can be challenging and unsettling.  People who seek false power become predators who look for their prey…Jealousy is a big cording, and then their jealous thoughts can be stabbing toward the victim.  Yes, in these cases, you can be a victim, until you wake up to your Spiritual body, becoming sensitive and aware.These cords once recognized, can be cut and the issue healed.  Ultimately the only cord each of us should have is to the God Source.  This is the one connection that gives us all that we need in our Spiritual life.  Then we stop trying to find our Spiritual needs in the Physical world…  Remember the Physical World reflects our Spiritual Health.  So heal your Spiritual Self and watch your world Transform
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