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This is the answer to a comment sent to me… all questions and comments are considered thank you.  Alley
Questions/Comments: When you are a Spiritual Healer/Medium and working with a person who has ‘heavy” ailments.  How are you affected?  Do you “recover’ quickly or does it just pass through you?  Why does it need to pass through you?  
Answer: Clients “stuff” needs to transform and move along, althought I am an active participant (an empath) and help the client to move their purification, I don’t take it on… It doesn’t continue as dense toxic stuff, but transforms into Spiritual Light and Pure Potential.  The responsible way to complete a session is to transform more Light into the world...
When I work with people, there is an obvious difference between those who have been doing their Spiritual Work for a long time and those who are just beginners...The beginners usually have a very thick multi layered toxic low vibrational situation.  Working with these clients is slower and more resistant, so it takes more time for change and movement, but it always happens and movement occurs…  also, sometimes when they have this dense situation, it takes time for the client to feel/notice changes..  The connect between their Spiritual and physical bodies are slow, almost non existent,  and takes many sessions to “connect”.   The thick, viscus, toxic accumulation takes time to move, it is more challenging for me, because as an empath, I  feel, smell, taste and hear, while observing what is happening (being the witness).When a more advanced enlightened client comes to me, it is a breathe of fresh air!  There is a lighter, more spacious vibrational situation which moves quickly.  It also has an incredible life in it’s movement…  Sometimes, the client’s “Spiritual vision” is developed so they can see what is going on during the session.  This session  becomes a fun-filled, creative and joyous experience while their “stuff” moves and expresses itself out, becoming pure potential and light.   Transformation occurs quickly and there is much celebration throughout the multi-dimensional bodies and Spiritual World.I help clients to open their Spiritual Vision during the sessions… for those who are seriously on the path to Spiritual Understanding, they become aligned to the Spiritual World becoming of service…A sessions flow: I "witness" the session and am the human support system.  Each session has a beginning middle and end…The beginning: the Angels infuse high vibrational frequency into the multi-dimensional bodies, stirring up the clients “stuff”.The middle: intense Spiritual PurificationThe end: Transformation, Light, Space and Peace…for both the practioner and client….  completion and resolution… My training as a conduit or “medium”: It has taken over 30 years for the Angels to develop my Spiritual system to do this work.  I had to energetically expand, my nervous system prepared for these higher energies, and my emotional body to handle whatever happens during the sessions… I was trained by Spiritual (from the Spiritual Realm) teachers to become a The Angels Of Light Witness and Conduit…-My Mission is to help each person become a physical vessel for Spiritual Light.-Since we have accumulated so much during our many lifetimes, there are layers upon layers of unwinding and clearing from past lives, heredity, experience, interferences, and other toxic vibrational situations.Clearing is a personal job of daily intentional work for the rest of our life (we need to be present staying clear and be of service).  The gifts that unfold are amazing ones, as we become a higher vibration aligning with God…  as our Spiritual life unfolds, we also become clearer, stronger and more joyful…I teach this and more in my workshops called “The Angels of Light Workshop”.You are given information during this experiential workshop.  You will learn techniques to do this work, while being guided by and connected to The Angels of Light…. Spiritual Purification is the focus of each class, this way you become connect to the Angels of Light as they work with you.
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