Birthing Into This World:


When we are born into this physical world, we are of higher vibration and connectedness.  Our Spiritual Senses are still awake and people just love to smell us and hold us...Then our teeth develop, our brain matures and we become more fascinated with the physical world.... we explore the world as we start to forget our spiritual home.  


Our parents, friends, tv, environment and teachers show and guide us to the false truths of life.  As we forget and lose our connection to spirit, we grow old.  We love the strokes and our ego flourishes... but, in a spark of remembering, we talk about things that are forgotten, and we are called crazy, and told to stop.  We become better and more accepted at physical living while we are bombarded with negativity, confusion, heredity, toxins, past lives & other interference.  Our disconnection becomes wider, our thymus (joy) becomes smaller, inactive, twisted and contorted... Then we have families, and we parent.... and the cycle continues.....


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