Book 2


Calling Upon The Angels Of Light


Your Key To Heavenly Help

Learn How To Work With

The Angels Of Light

A coloring book for children.... and adults...

I invite you to connect with

These amazing Light Beings...

*Learn how to call them for help and support...

*Learn about your Spiritual Senses...

*Learn how to Pono (talk) with the Angels...

*Learn how to work with Spiritual Light...

As you get to know these

Light Beings, you will

call them into your life

for companionship, healing, guidance, delight and inspiration.  

Never feel alone again...!!!



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"Thank you for your wonderful books.  I went home from your introduction session and read both of your books in 45 minutes.
Your 1st book introduced me to all the wonderful Angels.  I felt like a child reading these beautiful stories..
The second book taught me how to work with the Angels.  It taught me the Angel Breath and I went to sleep practicing....  I slept without sleeping pills for the first time in 2.5 years.
I love how simple and childlike your books read.  I can re-read them in no time and I am enjoying them over and over."
Thank you,
T- Bismarck  4-2012

"Just Beautiful!!"  3-9-2012

"A delightful assortment of Angels keeping imagination and wonder alive while adding comfort, friendship and direction to the lives of the fortunate young readers. Great illustrations. Can't wait to read with the grand kids."  4-25-2011

"This is the kind of book I wish someone would have given me when I was a child. Each angel delivers a message of hope and healing, helping the child realize they are not alone. I also like that the child can color each page, personalizing it for themself, embedding the inspiring message even deeper. Books such as this teach the power of trusting your imagination, which young and old alike can benefit from, if one desires to live a creative, intuitive life."
Sojourner- NYC    4-14-2011

"This book is beautiful. The drawings are great and the fact that the kids can color themselves into it is very creative and fun. I bought this book for my 8 yr.old Grandson. He reads a little bit every nite before bed and brings a different angel with him as he falls asleep. I recommend it for all ages and look forward to purchasing more of these books." 4-11-2011
T. Gressman- CO


"A delightful book with a positive message for people of all ages. I find i enjoy reading it over and over, as each time i do, i find more in it. Plus the art work is most wonderful! Sure to be a classic ~ Can't wait for the next!~~~:)"   4-14-2011
Sara- Montauk, NY


"This is an amazing book. It helps you to understand how Angels are a part of our every day lives. It's well presented for children - wish I'd had a book like this when I was a child."
M. Clark- CO   3-14-2011



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