The Angels Of Light Classes


 A 2 hr. Class For Children and Parents


This is a 2 hour Class designed to teach Parents and Child/Children how to interact with 
The Angels Of Light.  
This will create a very unique and special friendship for your children.  The Angels can become great role models in your child's world and inspire rich and wonderful conversations and discussions within the family...
Through the art of visualization, creativity and telepathy, creating a relationship with each of these Angels can influence and inspire a life beyond the mundane.
These wondrous Light Beings each have special abilities which will support your child through all of life's challenges... Your child will learn which favorite Angel to call when needed...  
Create a life rich with imagination and possibility.  
Your child can learn to trust each Angel during difficulty and challenge...  turn to divine possibilities, the world of the miraculous, a realm of pure potential for the most wondrous moments in our life... 


Angels are miraculous and miracles occur around them.  

Angels are there in a Flash, and being in their presence changes possibility.

Give your Children the gift of knowing their spiritual Family...

     your child will be supported in ways never imagined...

and will never be alone....


Preparing for the Class: 


 The Angels Of Light Books

are suggested reading

prior to this class.

Have your children read the books

and become familiar

with each Angel.  

Start the process of

coloring themselves into the stories

with the Angels.

These books will be used

as reference workbooks during

The Angels Of Light Class.

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