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Colic is a very challenging situation for a baby as well as the parents… A newborn with uncontrollable screaming, turning blue, where parents can do nothing, a terrible feeling of helplessness and frustration. This could prevent the bonding of child to the mother and cause terrible stresses within the entire family… When a baby has colic, usually the colic “disappears” as the child matures. But, what I see is that as the child matures the problem that caused the colic in the first place becomes “hidden” in the child’s system causing issues for the rest of their life… In other words, if the infant was frustrated by an issue with a parent and colic was the result, the child might never trust the parent even as they become adults. So they become adults with an issue of lack of trust… After an Angel of Light session which can clear the colic, the issue disappears (done and finished completely), and deep healing occurs within the family. 
Here a few of my experiences working with colic babies. I remember a few cases when I was living on the Hawaiian Islands. The first was with a newborn that was born colic. Luckily, the mother knew me, and asked for help.
Story 1
This newborn baby was very upset because after his birth, the in laws came to visit and help the new mother. But the in laws wanted to hold the newborn while the mother did the housework. The baby wanted to be with the mother, and was not happy that his mother didn’t do what he needed, which was to provide this important bonding and nurturing situation. The baby became very angry and frustrated (colic), which after The Angels of Light session quickly changed. The mother immediately stood up for herself and the baby, and asked the in laws to help with the housework so she could be with her baby. The dynamics of the entire family totally transformed. The baby’s colic disappeared after that session. No more screaming and sleepless nights. The mother and father could enjoy their first, now healthy, happy and content child. This baby now trusted his mom to stand up for his needs. The mom took her position as a mother to this child more seriously knowing the impact. 
Story 2
A young couple was having relationship problems during the pregnancy of their child. It was an unstable situation as they tried to work it out. They ended up staying together, working it out before the birth. The child was born with colic. This created disruption in the household, as the first time parents were exhausted and confused, not knowing how to help their screaming child. I had the opportunity to work with the baby. I immediately saw what happened. The child was born feeling unsafe and frightened because of the disharmony during the pregnancy. Even thought the parents were now very committed and the relationship strong and harmonious, the child still carried the memory of the disturbances. We cleared the child’s fear and the colic disappeared in one session. The parents were very surprised that their relationship disturbance caused the child so much pain, and became more aware of the effects of their thoughts and actions. 
Story 3
While the mother was pregnant, her weak pelvis started to crumble, so she had to have complete bed rest during the pregnancy. The agony the mother went through with the unstable broken pelvis and physical unreliability was what the mother went through during her entire pregnancy. The child while forming into fetus, was enveloped in this confusing, pain filled, and frightening situation.  The child was birthed colic. I met the family when the child was 8 months old. At that time she was crying constantly, seriously constipated, and unable to sit up or engage in other normal physical movements. This is when I was invited to work on her. During the session I saw that the invitro trauma and excruciating pain the mother went through was memoried/patterned throughout the baby from the blood into the bones and brain. We cleared that patterning energy until it was gone, the first session was over. I knew the child would need another, and asked to be informed of her progress.  Three days later, after not hearing from them, I called. I was told that during the night of the session, the baby cried more than ever, and there was no other change yet. I looked (over the phone) at the child and saw that she needed her colon to be checked for twisting or obstruction because the baby was still totally constipated. 3 days later I called again to find out how the baby was. The child was now sleeping 5-8 hours per night and going to the bathroom on her own. They never had to take her to the Dr. for the colon to be checked. The first session just took a bit of time to “download” into the body… The baby has normal function and is active. The family is appreciating their first healthy, lively, strong baby girl..
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