House Testimonials

“My session with Alley was most interesting. I sought her help because I was having physical problems with digestion, stress and tightness in the center part of the body. I was somewhat skeptical when she started working on the environment (my home)...

... instead of on me but as she cleared the energy surrounding me I could feel my body relax and release all the stress. Before she was finished I felt light and full of energy again . . . and it was even better the next morning when I woke up. It’s been several days now and the energy both within and around me in the environment is still clear and bright. I haven’t had any physical problems since and my body feels wonderful. I would highly recommend her and the energy work that she does.”
John Joseph Astrologer- Denver, Co

“In June 2010 I met Alley for the first time at Whole Foods were she was giving chair massages. After the massage, I scheduled an appointment at her home for an 1 1/2 hour massage. Approximately 20 minutes into the massage Alley stated that their was a young man in the room and did I want to pursue further contact with him. I said yes and she stated he was in a lot of head pain and had not crossed over yet. I knew that she was speaking of my son who had died 6 years earlier by suicide. I asked her to please help, which she did. It did take her several minutes of communication with him and the angels to get him to calm down and not be so afraid and look to the light. Alley stated that it would take time for him to actually cross and that if he needed help Alley would assist. Also, at this same time she stated there was another young man in the room that was not nice and had no intentions of crossing and just wanted to hang on to me. I knew that was my ex-husband that had died in 1978 at 29. I again ask her to help him to crossover and give me peace. It again took some time to get him to release his hostility and let the angels help him, which they eventually did. To make a long story short, I have for many years been overwhelmed with a sense of grief to the point I could hardly breath. The feelings would usually last a couple of hours and I would just cry in pain. Since the time I spent with Alley 8 months ago this terrible feeling of grief has not returned. Her help was a blessing for me and my family, alive and dead. “


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