How to Build Your Spiritual Body

Death is an interesting subject to consider. I happen to believe in reincarnation having learned from my own memories and experience.  During this fascinating journey, I connected into a place beyond my physical body, which I accessed through the body. It connects to the Spiritual world, which includes Angels of Light and higher information and consciousness. It is here that we can all connect to our spiritual selves. It takes a lot of determined work, mostly because it takes time to move out of our personal world and ego (the physical world, which is very uncomfortable).  With The Angels of Light Spiritual Work, our inner space becomes clean, huge and spacious with energy and consciousness, we become light beings.  Some of our Tools that we use for this process consists of: our trust in a higher support, deep desire, a strong will and focused intention. These tools help us as our “stuff” (interference with our Spiritual connection), unwinds and moves through our physical/mental/emotional bodies. It then transmutes into light and pure potential.  Our “stuff” is comprised of unresolved memories, experiences, neediness, heredity, karma, past life and other interferences. But with focused intention and Light, it will be cleared, for our will (desire) and the Angels are effective. Clearing yourself offers a greater future for you and your family because your karma, heredity and lineage will be cleared. Children of a higher consciousness and vibration can then be born through you.  As you clean out your connection to the Spiritual world, you become clearer, more vital, fully expressed, more present, balanced and full of joy. Your God connection and your physical world will reflect these changes.  You become accessed to abundant high vibrational frequency feeding your multi-dimensional life, there-by becoming an energetic role model for others. Others will feel this energy, which can stimulate their own connection to the Spiritual World.  The physical world becomes a reflection of what is left for you to clear. Synchronicity and realizations occur frequently, filled with wondrous moments, as you once again return to your authentic state. You move in the flow of Spiritual life… much more exciting then the mundane, one dimensional, insane, imbalanced life you see in the physical world. New talents and ideas emerge from deep within, as your life becomes a personal journey form the inside out. Your physical body becomes stronger with more health and vitality; as your “baggage” dissolves..  Life becomes larger with more vitality and vast potential, less interference and stuck small experience.  Since you are connected to Source, you stop cording to the outside world, knowing that you will attract all that you need and your prayers are heard and answered… You are no longer interested in the drama of life and neediness disappears…  You become your fullness of Spiritual support without having to ask for information and guidance from the outside… you begin to see and understand the laws of the natural world… Higher qualities and values move you into action. Life becomes an exploration being guided by unseen forces and intuition. You become a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience…
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