Recorded Overview Of -The Spiritual Purification With The Ascended Masters- Workshop 
With Alley Brook
Recorded Workshop Overview - Alley Brook
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Each of us are connected to huge universal space filled
with unlimited potential, energy, knowledge and light.
By cleaning out the blockages created over lifetimes, heredity and other influences,
we will once again be aligned to this high vibrational realm creating…
quantum changes.
Each session is profound and effective realigning our lives allowing us to become more vital expansive human beings.    
...This is the work that I do...



Spiritual Purification With The Ascended Masters


All workshops and private sessions guide each participant to interact with the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Beings of Light…

These Divine Beings will personally assist you

with your spiritual development and evolution.

As the interaction continues, spiritual purification

will occur…

The is a natural phenomenon 

when high vibrational frequency

mixes with our dense vibrational frequency…

our density vibrates faster, we purify….


This density is an accumulation of:

*Heredity imbalances


*Past life issues

*Enviornmental toxins

*Unresolved information


*Negative patterning


*Physical and emotional issues


Our Most Important Work:

Continuous Spiritual Purification  

  Become our authentic selves,

Our Spiritual Body (less carbon more crystalline)

Access your interconnected awareness…

Learn the art of "witnessing”, a powerful stance of being…

Realign into new and greater possibilities.

Unravel your onion,

*Alley teaches -Spiritual Purification With The Ascended Masters- & -The Angels of Light Workshops-. She offers private Sessions via phone & Skype.

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