Private Sessions For Pre Birth, Infants & Children

Infants and children
can be cleared
very quickly,
the younger
they are,
the faster
the transformation
can occur... 


Why Spiritual Purification is nessary for children:

All infants come in with their unique Karma which unfolds as their brain developes. 
Birth Trauma creates buildup and distortions
Mother and father's Birth Trauma heredity and issues affect the Infant in Vitro. 
The infant experiences parents fear and negative thoughts, infants do respond to their enviornment.
Infants and Children are empathic, telepathic and sensient beings, they absorb like sponges.
Chemical issues including birthing injections/cesarean sections can be detoxed.

Here are some indicators for a session:

*Imotional issues
*Birth traumas/challenges including mother
*Pregnancy issues and stress
*Passed life issues
*Spiritual interferences
*Any traumas in family including relationships or infant/child
*Extreame emotional issues/fears etc...
*Physical issues
*Transition from the spiritual consciousness into the physical world 
*Any parental concerns
*Any/all life changing challenge
*Heredity issues
*Strange occurances
***Parents will have the sessions for their infant/child.  
The child does not have to be in the vicinity of the parent
or doing anything special during the session.


 ***These sessions are not psychological counciling sessions...
They are energetic alchemical shiftings with clairvoyant information for your understanding.
In fact, Alley suggests letting go of your "stories" which will happen naturally,
while moving out the old to create space for the new...

***As Alley and the Ascended Masters and Angels work on your multi-dimensional Spiritual bodies, continue working with your Primary Care Physician, Chiro, Acc and other Providers for your

physical health and well being.***

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