The Spiritual Purpose of your Thymus Gland:

I teach a 2 hour class on activating the Thymus…  during this class your Thymus Gland changes.  As these changes occur, the class participants are amazed as they notice immediate physical and emotional changes…
I am excited about the Spiritual Purpose of the Thymus Gland and am using this Blog forum to share it with you.
First of all, it would be helpful to know where the Thymus is in your own body for the visual understanding.  So, go to an anatomy book or look it up on the computer.
Notice it sits deeply behind the Sternum, some suggest this is the place to tap when you are stressed or tired to help you feel better.
The Thymus Gland has a very important Spiritual function:
The function of the Thymus is to absorb the higher vibrational energies from the inner (Spiritual World within) and outer spaces (air) and then share it with the heart.   The heart shares it with the blood, the blood shares it with the entire body… so basically, the Thymus and this entire respiratory system moves high vibration, joy and excitement, throughout your system… when the high vibration touches cells during the purification process of our amazing circulatory system, the dense toxic energies are immediately stimulated and move out of the cell exchanging for the high vibrational energy creating health vitality and joy throughout body… This is the Spiritual Circulation within, keeping us healthy with each breath….
What I notice when I work with people is their Thymus Glands are dark, sometimes black, tiny, dry, contracted and twisted… Inactive, lying dormant within (It makes me wonder about the many people who need drugs for depression)….… The Thymus can not do their joy in this condition and need to be healed and reactivated (realeigned to their purpose)…  During the session, their Thymus unravels and activated becoming expansive and a plump healthy juicy pink.  As this happens, many clients notice that above where the Thymus is on their sternum (chest) it turns from a flat to a plump round shape, which people can actually feel while also noticing a new feeling of excitement and joy within… 
Now with each conscious breath, their physical system becomes a multidimensional Spiritual Purification System...


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