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Are You Ready To Evolve Spiritually?


Are you beginning to Awaken… looking around your physical world with confusion and concern?


What Do We Do Now: Go Within…


With simple tools, you will learn the Art of Spiritual Connection: Instant connection to your Spiritual Guides.


Become Multidimensional: The Perks…


*Clear your Karma *Find your passion *Deepen your intuition

* Access your Spiritual Gifts *Learn to live from the inside out



Alley is a published author, teacher and spiritual guide

offering private sessions, workshops and classes worldwide.

 She offers affordable classes in Boulder and the surrounding areas.



Go To: www.theangelsoflight.com                      303.999.9181                           

Class:  Your Spiritual Child


Watch Your Spiritual Child In Action...

Who Is She/He?

How Will Your Spiritual Child Effect Your Life?

How To Connect With Her/Him To Change Your Life..

Advanced Classes:


*Learn How To Work On Your Multi Dimensional Bodies

* Working with your glands, organs, systems, bones, brain, etc.

*How To Co-Create Your Spiritual/Physical Self
*Your Second Spiritual Breath

*How To Use Sacred Breath To Activate To  Become Crystaline  

*Working With Stuck Souls; Spirit Resolution



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