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This is a 5 min video about the workshop for adults entitled: Spiritual Purification With The Ascended Masters.  Watching, you will get a sense of this experiencial workshop.

 Live From The Inside Out...

These Experiential Workshops will teach you about The Art Of Spiritual Purification.  You will learn techniques which are orchestrated by the Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and Beings of Light who will help you to clear your Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Space (Inner Space), which will reconnect you to your Spiritual Life while upgrading your vibratory rate...  You will then access higher information while you unfold your innate talents...  This workshop is a personal journey to yourself, you will then understand that you are a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience...
Live from the Inner, express into the physical.....

Spiritual Purification With The Ascended Masters

*Alley teaches Spiritual Purification With The Ascended Masters Workshop.

These workshops guide each participant to interact with the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Beings of Light…

They will personally assist you

with your Spiritual development and evolution.

As the interaction continues, Spiritual Purification


This is a natural phenomenon... 

when High vibrational frequency

mixes with our dense vibrational frequency

we vibrate faster, purification occurs….

This physical density is an accumulation of:

Heredity imbalances 


Past life issues

Enviornmental toxins

Unresolved information


Negative patterning


Physical and emotional issues

This is what we release while evolving. 

We become our authentic selves,

becoming a Spiritual Body (less carbon more crystalline) accessing our interconnected awareness…

 We interact with The Divine Beings,

then we learn the art of "witnessing”,

which is a powerful stance of being…

Witnessing allows immediate change

while we progressively shift

realigning into new and greater possibilities.

This is the unraveling of the onion,

and continues us to evolve

during each process of resolution and letting go…







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