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... Alley is an extremely good and gifted guide. Her instructions and answers flow with love; they are just a part of her.  Alley walks her talk.   Connecting with God and the Angels has taken my spirituality to a higher level. I find myself praying to God and the Angels as I go about my day doing whatever I am doing and then again as I fall asleep at night. The arthritis in my body has improved. While giving Healing Touch treatments I always ask God/Angels to be with me. Now I include the Angels on a more consistent basis.I feel Alley’s guidance, techniques and training has enhanced my Healing Touch treatments. The experience has also elevated my spirituality to another level.  I whole-heartedly recommend Alley’s ”The Angels of Light Workshop”.
Mary Ann Carlson BSN,CHTP/I- Bismarck NDHealing Touch Instructor and Practitioner Bismarck ND
“I’ve always been conscious of Angels, which has been greatly expanded since I attended Alley’s “The Angels Of Light Workshop”.  I now can co- create with Angels, conscious of their presence, work and healing in my everyday life. Alley is in touch with her spirituality and as a medium Angels use her as a conduit.Alley communicates very well, is personable and approachable, creating a warm, safe, informative and transformative atmosphere during the workshop. I believe that the Bismarck community is energetically shifting with the energy generated by this workshop.It is also great to meet other like-minded people focused on their spiritual transformation”.
Ruth O. Johnson- Bismarck ND​

...During the first session of the workship we were learning Angel's breath. As I was practicing the breath my entire left leg became on fire.  I had a knee replacement in January and due to several infections, was given a drug.   This drug produced severe reactions in that leg one was an inflamation of my achilles tendon.  Suddenly, I felt the Angels working on my pain... By the time we were done wth the session. my pain was entirely gone!
Sharon, Bismarck ND- 4/2012​

​​Wow...I attended your first Bismarck classes.  Now the second time around I "get it" more than the first time.  I feel my healiing journey has moved forward by leaps and bounds.
My private session with you a few months agoe was amazing.  I felt great release of major stagnent energy...
Diane-  Bismarck ND​

This workshop has strongly confirmed the presence of Angels in my life.  I am becoming more aware of their importance and guidance in my  journey.  Alley is a wonderful and gifted mentor.
Jane- Bismarck ND​

During Angel Breath the rooms air changed to clean fresh light oxygen permeating my cells cleansing and detoxing my body, mind and soul.   gravity was not an issue in my physical form making breathing effortless.  To show themselves as floating stars above me is only one way they have been seem by myself.  Having heard and felt Angels is a  wonderful experience and I will never forget!
SZ- Bismarck ND​


“Sept. of 2011, I had the honor and privilege of attending Alley’s outstanding ” Angel” workshop in Bismarck ND.  It was there; I learned how to connect with the Angels.  It was EXCELLENT!...

Hello Alley!
I have had a lot of great shifts since the last workshop. The energy at the office has been better, one of the native staff memebers has chosen to take a 3 week vacations shortly after my return :)  He's still gone.  Jamestown has felt better. I feel so much more grounded than I have in ages (if ever).  
I hesitated writing this am because my parents stopped by today.  One of the best tools I came from our session was the clearing of the energy between us and how she "wants to be entertained"  Although I was nervous for their visit, I asked the angels for help and protection and things were so much smoother than they had been in the past, both in preperation for the visit and the visit itself.  It is such a big change from how things used to be.  Things are different in a good way.
The angels and assended masters and every spirit that helps them have been very busy.  Although I've been asking for assistance daily with my foot, on Tuesday or Wed, perhpas Tuesday going into Wednesday.... I had a very powerful visit from Raphael.  I closed my eyes to do divine breath in bed and bam was flooded with green light, I opened my eyes again and a third time then heard a voice tell me close my eyes again and relax.  It was the most intense session that has happened on my foot.  After a dr visit, a few chiropractor adjustments and all the time we spent during the workshop I am finally walking without a limp as of the following am.  I was sleeping hard and fast as Raphael and perhaps others worked away.  The next day I was at about 80 percent (dramatic improvement!) and its getting better daily. I hope next week I'll be walking to work again.
The nights this week seem to be full of energetic activity, I'm not sure how to articulate it, but I think I've been working though some things past life or otherwise, I don't have specific examples, but there was night I awoke with tears, but called on the beings of light and felt as though something shifted. I've been keeping the team very busy, clearing the office address in the am, protecting my home, and helping with this shift in seasons.  
I told this story to my brother Thursday evening.  I was at the office, alone with a man who had very dark energy.  My intution was going nuts at my desk telling me to be aware and to create as much distance as possible.  I called upon Archangel Michael and asked for protection.  Upon doing so, the man stopped walking towards my desk turned to walk out the office.  
This morning I was making my bed and felt the need to lay down and close my eyes.  I was shown orange/red fire light, I'd watch and then suddently open my eyes but continuously felt compeled to lay still and continue to watch until it was done.   I feel so blessed to be in the presence of such wonderful beings and all of the little and big things they continue to do to enhance my life. What a gift you have given to so many people!  The time is now to continue to work on healing myself of today and the many yesterdays. I have a few times set up for walk-in reiki sessions on Saturday's during this holiday season. 
I hope all is well with you, sorry for being so chatty but I've been needing to share.  If things get too intense with whatever is happening this week I'll give you a call otherwise I'll try to do a block in the next month or two.  How is the clearing in Poland going?  
With love and light,



Thank you Alley for wonderful workshop in Warsaw!
It was fantastic time for me. You are wonderful person  
I loved the highest light beings work and angels work, it helped me with my meditations because i always do everything alone - even in meditation i call my higher self at most, i didn't know how to work with angels, do they exist or is it Christian stuff etc., but now i feel more open and i let go more easily... this is great.
I did spirit guide meditation lately and for the first time i felt him ( because he was "he" not "she" ) and his name was Marcus and he gave me this orange-pink crystal and told me i should be more open to love.
Have a wonderflul day,
Bye Asia MK- Warsaw Poland
Hello Alley I'm fine, just a little nervous about the auditions ( thursday - keep you fingers crossed, please!) and also..I feel like I lost this very strong connection I had with my beings, my angels and that makes me feel a little anxious...I can still feel them though :) I just cannot see them, they don't appear in front of me...and I don't know how to make them do that.
I also did something significant - I healed my boyfriends back which harassed him recently :) he even moves differently now... :)Once again I'd like to say that it was so wonderful to meet you and I hope to stay in touch with you for a long time. Can't wait for next year's session! ;)I hope to write about lots of great news pretty soon.  Hugs, kisses and best wishes, 
Monika Ł- Poland
Hi Alley!
It's official, I got the MAIN ROLE in G.F.Haendel's "Rodelinda"!!! and also - we're going to perform next fall(sept/oct 2015) so if you come back(hopefully) for the second workshop in Warsaw during this time it will be my greatest pleasure and honor to invite you! 
Thank you for the strenght and hope you gave me :)
There's so much work to do...I'm so excited!!!!!
Monika - Poland
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