Your Spiritual Child (SC)

Many have heard the title, Your Inner Child

I realized during my exploration with my Child, a much more accurate and honored name is Spiritual Child.  

As you deeply explore your Spiritual Child, you will understand her/his absolute importance, relevance and higher purpose...

Who Is Your Spiritual Child ( SC...)?



Everyone has a SC.  If you are a male, your SC is a boy, If you are a female, she is a girl... 
Your SC holds the potential of your greatest qualities including:  innocence, fun loving, kindness, honesty, creativity, love, intuition and wisdom. Your SC is an accurate monitor and expression during your spiritual purification.
 She/he will help you access information for your clarity.
She/he is your greatest cheerleader and will guide you towards
your more authentic self.  
Behind the scenes, your SC continuously helps you in unimaginable ways. 

How Do You Access Your Spiritual Child...?

It is a wondrous process as your Spiritual Senses open.   One of the many gifts creating a working relationship with your SC.  
Have private sessions.  During sessions, you will be guided to meet and interact with your Spiritual Child.  

How Do I Use My Spiritual Child...?

Ex: if you experienced severe trauma whether in past lives or in this one, your Spiritual Child could be frozen in time, meaning just that.  Not able to move, react or be involved... we would immediately help her/him melt this stance while we witness her/him express fully and deeply which immediately creates a Spiritual Purification situation within you allowing that vital frozen part inside of you change...  Witnessing this unfold will open your mind into new and amazing realizations. 
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